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Our assortment of Medinilla consists of three different types:

Medinilla 8066Medinilla magnifica (atmospheric picture)
This is the traditional Medinilla Magnifica such as the one found in the jungles of the Philippines. This plant is recognized by its large flower with a beautiful soft-pink color. These plants are traditionally delivered with 2 layers where 2 to 8 flowers grow. In 2006, we introduced the ‘Pinatubo’. This is a plant with one layer where 2 to 5 flowers grow. This compact shape is popular due to its attractive price and the ease with which it can be set in any interior.


flamencoMedinilla magnifica ‘Flamenco’ (atmospheric picture)
This is the first result from our division program. This special newcomer is unique due to its intense pink colored flower and stalk. This gives a beautiful contrast with round and dark leaves. This novelty also has two layers where 2 to 6 flowers grow.


medinilla lambada2Medinilla Lambada
Medinilla Lambada is the latest release. This variety is characterized by its compact growth, small round leaves and a charming flower. The Lambada is to obtain limited in 2017 in a 14 cm pot with 2 to 5 flowers.

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